Kent ISD Tech Camp – 2014

Please pass this great professional learning opportunity on to your teachers!

Tech Camp KISD
When:  June 17, 18 and 19
Cost: $25.00
SCECHS: 3 to 18 available for $5.00 fee

Hey there happy campers!  Andrew Steinman, Craig Steenstra and Ron Houtman will be your expert summer tech camp counselors for 3 awesome days of learning.   In this conference-style professional learning event, you can choose to attend 1 or all 6 sessions over the 3-days to help you learn to incorporate technology into your 21st Century classroom.

Sessions Topics are:

Google does what now? Search and Rescue with Google
We’ll talk a walk through the Google campground and help you learn about all the things that it can help you do in the classroom.  We’ll discover Google standard and advanced search techniques, how you can help your kids get better at search, tips and tools for research, and engaging activities you can use for all this.

Teaching in the clouds – Orienteering and Survival Techniques
In this session for newer and intermediate users of Google Apps for Education (GAfE), we’ll discover how easy it is to get your learners creating, sharing and collaborating.  This session will focus on Google Drive, Docs, and Forms.

Around the campfire: How to tell stories
Teachers are great storytellers.  In this session, we’ll discover a few ways that you and your students can tell their stories. We’ll walk through how to use cool presentation tools (not PowerPoint) to create a compelling teaching and learning experience.

Flip Out!
We’ve all heard about this whole flipped classroom thing… but will it work for me and my students? Where do I start? What technology and software do I need? What are the promising practices for its use? We’ll cover all of this and more in this session.

Look mom! I’m on TV!
You’ve probably noticed that using video in the classroom is quite the thing…  but how do you go about it? In this session, we’ll show you how to create, edit and publish video to YouTube.  We’ll even try out Google Hangouts and show you the potential of having live streaming video in your classroom.

Open Sky Abounds!
How to use Open Education Resources in your classroom. In this section, we’ll take a guided tour of Open Education Resources and how you can use them in your F2F and blended classroom to increase

Hurry and register today! We’ve limited enrollment to just 80 people!


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