EdCamp MidMI

Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 10.32.52 AM
Can’t wait for EdCampGR on November 1, 2014? Well, you’re in luck! EdCamp MidMI is happening August 19, 2014 in Charlotte, MI.

What is EdCamp?

EdCamp is a new conference model built on collaboration. Unlike traditional conferences, sessions are not planned or scheduled until the morning of the event using a scheduling board on which attendees can place an index card with their session on it.

EdCamp is free!

Sessions range from basic conversations around teaching methods to sharing digital projects and ideas. Many have a technology focus and include sessions about using technology in the classroom, however a technology focus is not necessary.

Why should I attend?

Attendees will connect with each other on a professional level to share ideas, network, learn from and with each other. It’s a day of fun, eating, sharing, learning, and meeting new educators. You will be able to take your learning right back to your classroom. It’s free!

Learn more and register at http://edcampmid.weebly.com


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