MI Moodle Moot – Save the Date and Call for Presenters

I wanted to let you know about the MI Moodle Moot 2015 to be held on Friday, January 9, 2015 at the newly expanded Mid Michigan Community College’s Doan Center in Mount Pleasant, Michigan. The purpose of this event is to bring educators together from K-12 and higher ed, to model how to better use Moodle to blend instruction and support teaching and learning. This event is supported by the REMC Association of Michigan Instructional Technology Specialists (RITS), Mid Michigan Community College. Preconference workshops will be held on Thursday, January 8, 2015.

Hold the Date
Please mark your calendar for the MI Moodle Moot 2015 on Friday, January 9, 2015 and the preconference workshops on Thursday, January 8, 2015.

Apply to Present
We’d also like to ask if you or someone you know would be interesting in presenting. Please complete the call for presenters http://bit.ly/mimoodlemoot2015 to apply to present. The deadline to apply is September 19, 2014. With summer around the corner, please apply now before this gets pushed to the back of your project list and forgotten.

Presentation Details
Presentation will be 60 minutes in length and may be presentation, hands-on, or a combination of presentation and hands-on formats. If your presentation requires participants to have a Moodle course to participate, you can indicate that in the call for presenters. Attendees are encouraged to bring a laptop computer or Chromebook and laptops are available for loan. If your presentation will utilize features specific to a specific version of Moodle, you should indicate this in your description. Presenters will receive complimentary registration. Secondary presenters will be listed in the program but will not receive complimentary registration nor other items provided to primary presenters. Presenters will be eligible for door prizes unless they are part of the MI Moodle Moot 2014 planning committee. You will be notified if your proposal was accepted by Saturday, September 26, 2014.

You will be asked to identify the best strand to categorize your presentation (or you can let the selection committee assign the strand)

  • Getting Started with Blended Instruction & Moodle – Moodle basics, classroom applications, best practices
  • Taking Moodle to the Next Level – for Moodle using teachers looking to utilize new Moodle features
  • Moodle Admin & Support – technical support for a Moodle site, configure and manage users, add-ons, and new features

Preconference Workshop
Presenters for the 1/2 day preconference workshops on January 8 are selected separately and individually invited to present. If you have experience with one or more of the topic listed below and would have an interest in presenting a 1/2 day preconference workshop, please email the conference co-chairs, Valerie Coffey coffey@sresd.org or Andy Mann amann@muskegonisd.org or someone you may know on the planning committee. Suggested topics for preconference workshops include: System administrator basics, new Moodle users – getting started, intermediate Moodle users- taking Moodle to the next level, guided work time with Moodle experts, flipping Instruction with Moodle, create and manage quiz and gradebook, Moodle lesson module, course management, course communications and forums.


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