Ways the Kent ISD Ed Tech Team Can Help You

Ways the Kent ISD Ed Tech Team Can Help You

Not everyone is aware of what we can do for educators or how, so, in addition to traditional face to face professional learning, here are a few ways we can help with your educational technology needs and dreams.

1. Schedule time with your PLC or grade level committees to plan targeted tech integration. This results in focused support and collaboration that ensures everyone gets what they need.

2. Set up blended or online learning so that staff can access content whenever they can, and admin can monitor and manage everything digitally.

3. Help individuals or groups come up with solutions to an identified learning problem or need. We are available by email, phone, social media, tin cans with strings – whatever you prefer. We respond as quickly as we can.

4. Come to your classroom to help lead lessons that involve technology with which you are not quite comfortable.

5. Find ways to utilize technology to organize work and improve efficiency with any project or task.

These are just some of the things we do. If you have other thoughts or wonderings, drop us a line, and we can explore together.

Team email: educationaltech@kentisd.org

Ron: ronhoutman@kentisd.org

Andrew: andrewsteinman@kentisd.org

Craig: craigsteenstra@kentisd.org


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