Quick Ways to Keep Fun Alive

With the winter blues setting in for many in this fine state, it helps to incorporate some fun during class, staff meetings, or personal exploration time. Here are a few sites and ideas that you could use to do just that.

1.) Crumbles

A site in which you can type up to 25 words, and it will be read as a montage from popular movies and TV shows. You can even filter it so that only Homer Simpson speaks. The available words are somewhat lacking, but this would be great as an opener to a class period or meeting. You could still be on topic with a little rewording. (thanks to Ron for cluing me into this).

2.) Webcam Toy

A site (or Chrome extension) that offers a variety of camera filters. You could load this and deliver any kind of opener via your projector; for example, choose the night vision filter and pretend you’re speaking from a war scene. Sure others will see you in front of your computer (unless you hide behind a curtain or something), but seeing the filtered version on the projector screen would be entertaining. Caution: students love to waste time on this site but could use it meaningfully as well.

3.) Make Everything OK

This is simply a sit with a button that reads “Make Everything OK”. You push it, and a box opens like it’s running a process. This could be used to lighten the mood or just put people at ease.

There are many more ways to lighten the mood in your work. Please feel free to share some in the comments.


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