Online Assessment Awareness Resource – M-STEP

Online Assessment Awareness Resource – M-STEP

1649294Many ISDs/districts in the state are working to prepare for taking the M-STEP online this spring. Whether this spring (or later for those who chose the waiver), everyone agrees that moving to taking assessments online takes planning! Thanks to TRIG funding for the past few years, much has been occurring in districts to get ready.

A new resource meant to help raise educator and student awareness of M-STEP has been created through TRIG funding and the Greater Michigan Educational Consortium (GMEC). This resource is a self-paced ‘course’ for students and educators. Created by a group of educators, the vision for this project is that students will demonstrate the ability to successfully navigate technology enhanced online assessments and teachers/administrators will value the importance of professional development in how to incorporate online learning/assessments in their instruction so that students are prepared to take high stake online assessments.

The educator course is designed to be a resource that principals/leaders would have staff complete as part of a setting the stage activity for M-STEP and online assessment planning. Designed to be completed in 45 minutes, the educator will have access to overall information on online assessments, including completing sample online assessments. The ‘Next Steps’ section is designed to set the stage for planning and includes questions that educators should be thinking about as well as a planning template that can be used/customized for ISD/district use during the planning process. The student section is designed to be completed in 45 minutes and can be used as a classroom activity as it includes having the student complete sample online assessments. We encourage ISDs/districts to incorporate this resource in their planning/workshops.

Click here to access:

The Online Assessment Awareness course was collaboratively created by:

  • Danielle Letter, Genesee ISD
  • Ron Madison, Genesee ISD
  • Mike Oswalt, Calhoun ISD
  • Andrew Steinman, Kent ISD
  • Cassie Thelen, Alma Public Schools
  • Tina Tribu, Kalamazoo RESA

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