$AVE your district money on technology purchases

$AVE your district money on technology purchases

Michigan schools have a fantastic resource to help them save money and get the products and services they need.  The Regional Educational Media Centers (REMC) Statewide SAVE Project is provided as a service of the REMC Association of Michigan. 2012_REMC_Logo_No_BG This  fantastic project provides large volume contracts for a variety of educational resources like computers, networking equipment, and even classroom supplies. By using REMC SAVE contracts, Michigan schools have saved more than $500 million since 1990. Each tax dollar saved through this cooperative effort represents another dollar that is available for additional instructional needs.

The REMC SAVE project recently created and posted several new product buying guides.  These guides give you a an easy to read comparison of projectors, mobile carts, computers, etc.  As you are doing you purchases for this and next school year, make sure to use the guides and the website to comparison shop.  We’re certain you’ll save your district money.

If you need any help with anything you see, or how to make purchases using the SAVE Bid, please let me know, and I’ll be happy to assist you and your district save money.

Ron Houtman – Educational Technology Consultant / Director REMC 8 – 616.365.2320 (W)

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