Share Why You #LoveTeaching This Valentine’s Week

Share Why You #LoveTeaching This Valentine’s Week

Teaching is a noble profession. It means dedicating your work to the success of others. That doesn’t mean it’s always easy or fun. But too often we see the stories of those who choose to leave teaching, or one-sided tales of teacher toil, propped up in social media. Many of us have even met young people who have been advised not to go into teaching, sometimes by other teachers.

Wait a minute! There’s another narrative to be told–the one about us, the teachers, and our students. Why, you ask? Because our classrooms, as Mike Rose wrote in Possible Lives, are “places that embody the hope for a free and educated society that has, at its best, driven this extraordinary American experiment from the beginning.” Teaching is America in the making.

It’s time to be a voice for the hope, promise and possibilities that come alive in the classroom. It’s time to share why we teach, why we choose to stay in schools and live out this vocation. In the face of the dark narratives about teachers that permeate the news waves, we can shine a light on all the good teaching has to offer. Where there is light, darkness cannot hide. The reasons for #LoveTeaching will surely be broad, but with this broad light we can hope to give a glimpse of the beautiful spectrum of possibilities that teaching offers.

So, think about it…

  • Why do you teach?
  • Was there a time you considered leaving, and chose to stay?
  • Why did you become a teacher? Are you able to live that ‘why’ out?
  • Much has been written on the challenges of teaching, do the rewards outweigh them?
  • Why should a young person choose to become a teacher?

During the week of Valentine’s Day, teachers around the country are being asked to share their love of teaching in a blog post and on social media using the #LoveTeaching hashtag. This will help innundate the narrative about teaching with positive example stories, directly combat the negative news that impacts teachers, and provide inspiration to other teachers, including the aspiring educators who are often discouraged to follow their dream of being a teacher.

Be a #LoveTeaching Ambassador and Share the Message

Leading up to and during the week of Valentine’s Day 2015, teachers across the nation will be sharing the #LoveTeaching campaign and what it’s all about. They’ll be using the #LoveTeaching hashtag, creating a buzz around the love for the teaching profession and inviting teachers to share their story during Valentine’s Day week. Your fellow teachers are asking for your help to be a #LoveTeaching ambassador throughout the week of February 8 – February 14, 2015.

Whether it’s the your current classroom example, the story of what brought you into the profession, or a success that made your choice to enter teaching the right one, please use the #LoveTeaching hashtag to showcase the reasons why teaching is a great and noble profession.

For more information on the #LoveTeaching Campaign, visit

The content of this post originated from the #LoveTeaching Campaign website:


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