Upcoming Webinar: How Edify Can Generate Real Time Data Without Generating Real Time Tears

Upcoming Webinar: How Edify Can Generate Real Time Data Without Generating Real Time Tears

Have you ever wanted to individualize your student’s learning but have been overwhelmed by generating and analyzing the data? Edify, an individualized learning management systems (iLMS), helps teachers individualize instruction by providing real time data with the click of a button. Teachers are now able to easily track the performance of individual students or classes by strands and standards. This allows teachers to truly individualize instruction so that students may reach their learning targets.

photo1610Join us on Monday, April 13 from 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM for a live webinar event where Dan Hoekstra, a science teacher at Grand Rapids Christian High School, will share his experience with Edify at the high school level. Dan will show how he has used Edify in his chemistry class to both host resources and generate data. He will include how Edify can generate data through pre-tests, lesson assessments and summative post-tests and will provide a demonstration of the different reports that can easily be created. By the end of this webinar attendees will have a strong understanding of how Edify can painlessly provide real time student data that can be used to individual student learning.

While this webinar focuses on the high school level, middle school educators are encouraged to attend. Many of the reports shared will be applicable to any grade level that focuses on standards.

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