Shift Mich: Learn and Contribute

Shift Mich: Learn and Contribute


July is a month in which the education world gets sleepy. Most people are either not working or are taking vacation, so the action is limited. It is an ideal time to explore some new ideas or share some of what you are doing. Shift Mich is a recently formed educational concept/group which seeks, in their words, to “empower educators to innovate their teacher practices…”. Go to the Shift Mich site to explore more (note that this is still in its infancy so the content is somewhat limited).

Why You Should Care:

1. Learn how some other teachers are shifting their instruction to reach students (link to Practices page)

2. View statewide conferences, workshops, and other learning opportunities in one place (link to Events page)

3. Submit an article about what you or someone you know is doing. It doesn’t have to be something mind-blowing; just something that is different and effective. (link to Submission page)

As you continue your summer, think about how you could learn from or contribute to Shift Mich. At the very least, consider what new methods you can introduce to increase your impact as an educator.


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