Kent ISD’s Tech Integration Series pt. 1: Digital Skills

Kent ISD’s Tech Integration Series pt. 1: Digital Skills

In order to function optimally in the digital learning landscape, it is critical to have core technological understanding and skills. This mini course will focus on the things that are most frequently needed by teachers and administrators using technology in their work. To help fit your schedule, there are several ways to access the course. See below for details.



  • Five one-hour sessions that you can access in person or virtually
  • Each session will be simulcast and will include 1/2 hour of direct instruction and 1/2 hour of task-oriented workshop time with available support from the instructors.
  • Participants can choose which sessions to attend.


Dates and Times

Each session will take place at Kent ISD’s Educational Services Building from 3:30-4:30 pm. Recordings will also be available if you can’t make it at these times.

  1. September 29 ~ Optimize Your Operating Systems
  2. October 06 ~ Improve File Management and Organization
  3. October 13 ~ Web Browser Boosting
  4. October 20 ~ Maximizing Multimedia
  5. October 27 ~ General Essentials (shortcuts, etc.)

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