Want to start a robotics team in your school?

first_in_michiganHave you ever thought of starting a robotics team in your Michigan middle or high school? You’re in luck!  FIRST Robotics grants are now open in MEGS+ for rookie and veteran teams participating in FIRST.

The grant process is quite easy and takes about 5 minutes to fill out. There are absolutely no narratives to complete, and the high school grant pays up to $18,000.

Here’s what the high school MEGS+ grant for rookie FIRST teams pays:

  • $6,000 To cover full registration fee, kit of parts & 2 events
  • $1,500 Extra spending money
  • $1,500 Coach Stipend (teacher or ANY adult)
  • $4,000 Automatically later if you make it to states
  • $5,000 Automatically later if you make it worlds (and funds hold out)

Returning teams get the same package except instead of $7,500 for the top two items, 2nd year teams get $5,000, and teams 3 years old and beyond get $2,500.

In addition to this money, all rookie teams can also apply for a 2 year private grant paying $4,000 in Year 1, and $2,000 Year 2.

FIRST is a game changer. With over $20,000,000 in college scholarship offerings available to any senior on a FIRST team, the bulk of our students go on to study STEM in college, and then on to a great STEM career.

So start your team today. Any adult can be the coach. No robotic experience is necessary.  Technical and administrative workshops are provided throughout the state, and every new team is paired up with a veteran team for the season. The team can recruit parents and others from the community to help with the technical stuff. Teachers earn continuing ed credits for the hours they participate.

Check more out about FIRST here: 3 minute overview with Morgan Freeman narrating or www.dptv.org/robotics – 2015 State Championship Broadcast

Last year, Michigan lead the nation with 345 high school FRC teams. We’d love every single high school to have their own team with the help of these grants, and we won’t stop until they do!

Please download these informational documents to learn how to get started. Overview and FIRST Team Progression.

00 2016 progression of programs

00 2016 grant flyer final

For any additional information,  email Gail Alpert – gail.alpert@gmail.com



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