Kent ISD’s Digital Assessment Series Continues with Transformative Assessment Tools and Strategies

Kent ISD’s Digital Assessment Series began in September focusing on Substitutional Assessment Tools and Strategies. Through this experience, educators learned how to transition from traditional paper assessments to powerful online assessments. Through our next part in the series, Transformative Assessment Tools and Strategies, we want to continue our support of digital assessments and help educators to develop new assessments that were previously impossible without technology.

Transformative Assessment Tools and Strategies is part two of Kent ISD’s Digital Assessment Series. This course will focus on how teachers can use digital tools to transform their assessment practices in ways that were not previously possible. It will follow the same format as other parts of the series: 5 one-hour sessions that are designed to be flexible, accessible, and outcome-based. Participants can attend in-person or via web conference. Each session will feature an overview of tools and strategies as well as a workshop portion in which participants can apply the learning while getting support from the facilitator. Session topics for each week are as follows:

  • Session 1: Getting Transformative with Formative
  • Session 2: Getting Transformative with Google Forms
  • Session 3: Getting Transformative with Edify
  • Session 4: Getting Transformative with Rubrics, Part 1
  • Session 5: Getting Transformative with Rubrics, Part 2

Registration for this course is open to all educators, so participation in the first part of this series, Substitutional Assessment Tools and Strategies, is not required. Best of all, this professional learning opportunity has been made available for FREE through Kent ISD.

To register for Transformative Assessment Tools and Strategies, go to:

Up to 5 SCECHs are available for this course. More information regarding the third part in this series will be shared at a later date.