Kent ISD’s Technology Integration Series – Part 2: I want to integrate technology… Where do I start?

This is part two of Kent ISD’s Technology Integration Series. Each course features five one-hour sessions that you can access in person at Kent ISD or virtually via web conference. Each simulcasted session will include direct instruction, as well as workshop time, with available support from the facilitator. Best of all, this offering is completely FREE!

To simplify the words “integrating technology” – we are merely suggesting that you discover ways to use technology within the existing curriculum. Technology should not replace what you normally teach. Technology is a tool – just like a calculator, a pen, or a chalkboard – which helps you to teach and helps your students to learn. It’s really that simple.

In this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe factors that influence the integration, implementation, and evaluation of educational technology in a learning environment.
  • Set and define criteria, inspired by frameworks, for selecting and using educational technologies and match those criteria to potential resources.
  • Recognize and describe major challenges faced by educators when implementing educational technology.
  • Understand methods used to evaluate educational technologies and how and why they are applied.

To register for I want to integrate technology… Where do I start?, go to:

Up to 5 SCECHs are available for this course. More information regarding the third part in this series will be shared at a later date.