edCampGR was awesome… what’s next?

edCampGR was awesome… what’s next?

ec2What an amazing day last Saturday was!  We were privileged to meet so many professional and pre-service educators from across the region. As we listened and conversed,  inspired by the amazing things that are happening within and beyond our area,  we came away ready to make school more awesome for our learners.  We saw some great connections being made, and amazing things will happen because of them!

ec3If you’ve never attended an edCamp, they are unlike traditional conferences which have schedules set months in advance by the people running the conference.  Edcamps have an agenda created by the participants just before the start of the event. Instead of one person standing in front of the room talking for an hour, people are encouraged to have discussions and hands-on sessions.

via @miched

What’s next?  We’d love to see the conversation continue online via Twitter using the #MichED hashtag and to look forward to growing this event in the future.

In addition, you might consider attending NovaNowGR, Feb 5 and 6, 2016 at Kent Innovation High School. It features a conversational format around Project Based Learning and how innovation and engagement can help our students achieve at even higher levels.

Thanks again to everyone for attending, and we hope to see you soon online and in person.


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