NovaNow Isn’t Just for Secondary

NovaNow Isn’t Just for Secondary

Kent ISD has received requests for more professional learning opportunities focused on elementary education. With this in mind, we wanted to make sure that NovaNow included sessions specifically for elementary educators. Our Elementary Strand features conversations led by elementary teachers who want to discuss innovation at the elementary level. The following is a list of the conversations that are a part of the NovaNow Elementary Strand:

  • Student Led, Teacher Gut Ache…but it is SO WORTH IT!
  • Better Spaces and Places
  • Star Wars, Makers Clubs and Take Apart Labs…OH MY!
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Classroom
  • Are You Ready? Go from teaching lessons to creating experiences.

In addition to the conversations listed above, NovaNow will include 21 more sessions targeted towards all educators, including elementary.

If you are an elementary educator and want to learn how to bring innovation to your classroom, then join us at this year’s NovaNow event. NovaNow will be held at Kent Innovation High on February 5 & 6.

Click here to learn more and register for NovaNow


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