A Student’s Perspective on NovaNow

A Student’s Perspective on NovaNow

We are only two weeks away from NovaNow, a unique opportunity for educators, business professionals, and even students that focuses on innovations in education. As we ramp up for this event, we asked Ben Wieringa, a Kent Innovation High student, to share his experiences with NovaNow. We have included his response below.

Hello, My name is Ben Wieringa I have been a student at Kent Innovation High (KIH) for the past four years. I have also been involved with NovaNow since it started two years ago. For those that are not familiar, NovaNow is a conference that takes place in a school, where educators talk with presenters and everyone has a voice to share what they think is best for students in the classroom.

I spent the first year of NovaNow as a tour guide where I would show guests around the open, free-flowing workspace of KIH. From the feedback I received, guests really enjoyed seeing what KIH was all about and the amazing atmosphere. I personally enjoyed talking with educators about how I learn differently being dyslexic and am not always able to perform as well as my peers in reading and spelling.

The following year I helped out where needed. I also sat in on some of the sessions and gave some insight about what it is like being a student at KIH. This was a really neat experience for me because I was treated as a peer. All around I had a very positive experience with it!

This will be the third year of NovaNow and I couldn’t be more excited. With this year, I will be leading up the Student Showcase. Organizing this has opened my eyes to the amount of work it takes to plan an event like this. During the conversations this year, I hope to sit in and talk with both teachers and administrators.

I look forward to meeting you at NovaNow!

Thank you

Like Ben, we look forward to meeting you at NovaNow. If you have not yet registered or would like to learn more, visit the NovaNow website at http://novanowgr.org.


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