The Personalized Learning Conference Kickoff and Keynote

The Personalized Learning Conference Kickoff and Keynote

The Personalized Learning Conference will be held at Kent ISD on May 4, 2016. This event spotlights the importance of personalized learning and helps educators begin their journey towards personalizing education for every student. All educators who want to learn more about personalized teaching and learning are welcome and encouraged to attend.

Conference Kickoff with MDE

Instead of starting the Personalized Learning Conference with a keynote speaker, we have invited the Michigan Department for Education (MDE) to kickoff our event. MDE will share their definition and vision for personalized learning in Michigan. Our hope is that conference attendees will be able to use the information shared at the kickoff to guide their journey toward personalized learning, both during and after the conference.

Conference Keynote with Jay Gross

No conference would be complete without a keynote speaker. Our keynote speaker for the Personalized Learning conference will be Jay Gross. Jay is an English, Speech, & Debate teacher at Shepherd High School. He is also a national speaker who emphasizes the need for teachers to integrate technology, as well as develop relationships with students, educators, and the community. At the Personalized Learning Conference, Jay will speak towards the importance of these topics in order to personalize learning for every student.

Click Here to Learn More & Register for the Personalized Learning Conference


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