May EdTech Webinar – For Life We Learn Using Technology to Foster Curiosity In Kids

14099_540Matt Fenech is a 3rd Grade teacher at East Oakview in Northview Public Schools. Using technology, he has been giving students a chance to wonder and explore by asking them to share interests and ideas they care about. This provides opportunities for his students to take ownership of everyday learning in the classroom. Technology’s infinite source of information, whether it is true and relevant information, or false misinterpreted information, has been an important tool to spark interest, and motivate students to learn for themselves and not just for school. Join us Tuesday, May 10th from 3:30-4:30PM as he shares strategies and stories to fuel the curiosity of students and teachers in an ever growing and changing life of learning.

This webinar is focused towards educators of all levels, but most experiences shared will be involving elementary students. Be prepared to ask questions and be curious because all educators need to believe that “Not for school, but for life we learn”.

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