Learning Academy for New and Developing Teachers

Learning Academy for New and Developing Teachers

Did you know that new teachers in Michigan are required to have 15 days of professional development in their first three years of teaching? 

It’s true.  And, this 15 days of professional development is in addition to their district provided professional development (DPPD).

Many districts do not have the funding to provide a program that supports this requirement and often ask new teachers to find their own professional development, which can also be costly to the district. While new teachers can find professional development, these opportunities may not match their specific needs for improvement.

Kent ISD’s Learning Academy
Understanding that successful teacher induction systems focus on student learning and teacher effectiveness, Kent ISD created the Learning Academy. This comprehensive program not only meets the professional development requirement for new teachers, it also provides professional development on topics that are of high interest and need for new teachers.

Using teacher evaluation data and feedback from previous participants, the Learning Academy focuses on key topics, including classroom management, quality instructional practices, and reflective teaching.

Kent ISD New Teacher Learning Academy

Opportunity for New and Developing Teachers
The Learning Academy is not only for new teachers. Experienced teachers looking to develop their foundational skills are welcomed and encouraged to attend. Sessions are carefully designed with ongoing, engaging, and reflective learning to build the capacity of new and developing teachers with an interactive experience in a supportive environment.

Facilitated by Experienced Teacher Leaders
Facilitators of the Learning Academy are practicing educators with years of successful teaching experience. They have training in a variety of areas, including Teacher Leadership Academy, Adaptive Schools, Cognitive Coaching, Classroom Learning Labs, and more. Learning Academy sessions are co-facilitated within cohorts in order to grow a relationship and build a professional learning community that supports growth and development.

Scheduling That Works for Teachers and Their Districts
Having teachers in the classroom is important. This is why the Learning Academy has spread the 15-day professional development requirement over 3 years and divided the days into weekends and evenings. However, teachers will be required to be out of the classroom for one day a year so they can participate in Classroom Learning Labs.

Kent ISD New Teacher Learning Academy

Budget Friendly Professional Development
Registration for the Learning Academy is $100 for the entire year. With only one day out of the classroom, the Learning Academy is cost-effective for all districts.

Register Now!
The Learning Academy begins on September 24 and space is limited. Register now and encourage your new and experienced colleagues to join you.

CLICK HERE to register or learn more about The Learning Academy.

This article was originally posted on the Kent ISD Bulletin.

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