AP Computer Science Principles Opportunity for Michigan High Schools

The Michigan Mathematics and Science Center Network (MMSCN), through a grant with Code.org, is pleased to announce a professional learning opportunity to support AP Computer Science Principles.

The grant will provide local schools with the following:

  • Resources for teaching AP CSP in the fall of 2017
  • A Sample AP CSP Course Audit
  • Professional Learning for 60 teachers throughout Michigan at no cost (Stipends for teachers are not included.)
  • A curriculum from Code.org for the AP CSP Course

Schools interested in taking advantage of this opportunity will be expected to have an AP CSP course on their school schedule for Fall, 2017.

Schools wanting more information on how to take advantage of this opportunity can visit our Michigan website at www.micoding.weebly.com. At this site, teachers who plan to apply should sign up to receive an application. Applications will be available in January.

When teachers apply in January, they will be asked for evidence that their district is planning to offer an AP CSPcourse in the fall. Now is a good time to make those arrangements within your district so your teacher has evidence to provide in January when they apply.

View the flyer below for more information. Also, please periodically visit the website www.micoding.weebly.com for updated information.