GET Supports for Autism Conference – Nov. 8 at Kent ISD

Did you know in 2015-16 there were 18,746 students statewide (855 students in Kent County) who meet the educational criteria for having a primary disability of Autism?  

supports.jpgThe GET Supports for Autism Conference was designed by teachers and related service providers of students with Autism in effort to increase the success of inclusion for these students.  This conference is a great opportunity for general education teachers to learn practical, hands-on methods of working with students with Autism and even with general education students who may require additional supports.

The GET Supports for Autism Conference, formerly known as the ASD Conference: Hands on Learning for General and Special Educators, was highly attended in its first year.  After reading through the feedback and refining the offerings, the planning committee has come back together and branded the conference as the GET conference, with a focus on General Education Teachers (GET).  Please note that although the focus is general education teacher supports, this conference is open to all educators, related service providers, and administrators.

 We’d love for you to “Save the Date” the 2017-18 GET Supports for Autism Conference which will be held November 8, 2017 at Kent ISD.

 Additionally, if you are interested in presenting a either 1 hour or a 90 minute session at the GET conference on November 8, 2017 at Kent ISD, please complete the form below to submit a proposal.  Topics considered should be evidence based and will include such areas as: behavior modification strategies, visual supports for behavior and/or communication, general tips, social thinking, self-management, peer-to-peer, reinforcement, prompting, video modeling, social stories, etc.  As a reminder, this is a hands on learning conference, and so proposals should include suggestions for hands on learning.

 When thinking about potential proposals, consider presenting with a general education teacher, as we would love to be able to offer Special Education and General Education co-presentations.

 Proposals must be received by May 1 –


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