2017 KCTC Summer Career Exploration Camps Registration Open!

These are not your typical summer camp sessions! Kent County students who are entering 6th, 7th, or 8th grades have the opportunity to jump start their career and explore ones they might not know about!

During this fun week, students will learn about a career area of their choice, learn some skills, visit a business/industry site, and complete a project.

Session I: June 19-22 (9-2) and Session II June 26-29 (9-2) – Cost: $150.00, which includes lunch

IT Game Maker Camp (Camp Session I)
Ever wonder how computers ‘talk’ to each other and to us? Programming code runs all of our digital devices and once you learn to read and write code, you have the power to make computers do what you tell them to do!

You will make a game using GameMaker Studio by YoYo Games. Learn how to create a game on a technical level by creating objects, rooms, backgrounds, and sprites. GameMaker Studio is fun to learn and provides options for beginner and experienced programmers.  At the end of camp, kids will have a game they created themselves.

IT Webmaster Camp (Session II)
Make your own interactive web page! In this camp you’ll learn to use Java Script, CSS and HTML while you take a webpage from an idea, to a skeleton, to a final product. Plus, add in animation, interactions and the words on the page. If you’re interested in the programming side of web page design, this camp is for you!

Sweet Genius (Sessions I & II)
You belong in Sweet Genius if you love baking, especially cake decorating. You will master cake sculpting and fondant work. You will be on the cutting edge of the Japanese “doubutsu doonatsu” trend with your sculpted animal donuts. Candy day will have you making favorites like marshmallows, chocolate and suckers. On ballpark day, you will make old favorites like soft pretzels and cotton candy!

Ultimate Gearhead (Sessions I & II)
Explore what it is like to work on cars, everything from engines to paint. Work your way from welding, repairing dents and painting the outside of a car, to taking apart and reassembling an engine, servicing brakes, and changing oil under the exterior. End the week by taking a field trip to a body shop and auto service center.

Design, Create, Innovate (Session II)
Want to make the world a better place? Come design and build meaningful solutions to real problems. You will bring your imagination to life by computer-aided design and 3D printing, construct and race a solar-powered, model car, solve problems with computer code, use technology to explore and improve ecosystems and more!

Cops & Robbers (Session I)
Want to see what real police officers do? Here is your chance to learn from former police officers using lifelike equipment. Perform police searches, photograph a crime scene, and expose and lift fingerprints to solve a crime. Work together to conquer the challenge course, and you get to visit the local police department.

Young Chefs (Session I & II)
Future chefs, this camp is for you! Work in a real kitchen, just like the pros. You will learn cooking terms, how to work as a team to run a smooth kitchen, how to put together a menu and how to prepare fabulous gourmet meals you can cook for your family at home.

Hurry! Registration is open now, and each of these sessions fill quickly!



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