Supports for Mentors of Online Learners

Supports for Mentors of Online Learners

Michigan Virtual University (MVU) is currently engaged in an effort to build a statewide network of mentors of online learners who are striving to continually expand online learner success. We are working hard to grow awareness of this effort and to expand access to the supports available.

If you are interested in engaging, or know someone who could benefit, please consider, explore, and share the opportunities and resources below, which are designed to be relevant for anyone invested in supporting the growth and development of online learning programs in Michigan’s K-12 system, regardless of online provider:.

  • The Online Mentor Community: Leveraging MVU’s new Professional Learning Portal and approaching 100 members, this online community is a growing space for mentors in Michigan to connect and for accessing the most up to date publications and resources to support the growth and development of a successful online learning program.
  • Regional Mentor Leaders: MVU is partnered with 8 mentors across Michigan with a proven record of online learner success who regularly contribute to the Online Mentor Community, who have agreed to host a Mentor Site Institute at their school to share their successful programs with others, and who are available for free 1:1 peer coaching.
  • Face-to-Face and Virtual Events: Check out the growing list of mentor learning opportunities here. A few upcoming opportunities we’d love to have you attend:

Join the Online Mentor Community, request peer coaching, or register for events at

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