Summer PD Opportunity: EdTech Day Camp

Summer PD Opportunity: EdTech Day Camp

Looking for some summer PD hours? Maybe you just want to have fun and learn with other edtechies around the state. Either way, we invite you to join us at MVU’s EdTech Day Camp event on July 25, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing, MI. We will spend the day examining how technology can help us reach the students who need us the most.

This engaging day is focused on YOU, teachers in the classroom, and how you can leverage technology to reach the students that need us the most.

his day will focus how we teach and engage all our students. Whether we have one device in the classroom or each student has his own, we are at an unprecedented moment in time to utilize technology to enable truly personalized learning opportunities for all of our students.

This day is designed to move quickly and is geared towards facilitating deep conversations of consequence for our classroom, school, community and state landscapes.

Cost includes breakfast, lunch and an awesome experience with teachers who make a difference — just like YOU!

Want to save $10 on your registration? Use promo code presenterBFF.

Learn more and register for this event by going to


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