Competency-Based Education Pilot Grant (Section 21j of the State School Aid Act)

Section 21j of the 2017 -2018 State School Aid Act provides $500,000 to fund grants for the design and implementation of competency-based education programs. Districts will compete for grant funding for the purpose of providing enhanced choice to pupils and parents for the completion of the requirements for kindergarten through a high school diploma, including the Michigan Merit Curriculum. The grant program is designed to be a three-year opportunity for districts to explore, develop , and implement the systems and processes necessary for a quality competency-based education program.

Applications for this grant must be submitted in the Michigan Electronic Grant System Plus (MEGS+) by February 2, 2018. The grant application questions are being provided now so that districts can begin the application process in an effort to allow for maximum time to plan and connect with stakeholders. Please keep in mind that budgets will be submitted MEGS+ and that narrative responses in will be limited to 1000 characters. There is also a section in MEGS+ where supporting documents may be loaded into MEGS+ for review.

Please review the following resources for application information:


*The content from this post was copied from the Michigan Department of Education’s site on competency-based education.