Learn how to delete online accounts in a jiffy!

Almost every day, we’re required to register for and set-up accounts on more and more websites to use services or receive information. But what happens when it comes time to stop using a service or a site? What do you do when you hear of a data breach? Most of the time information on how to remove your account from these hundreds of places where we’ve deposited our digital footprint is not easy to find.

delete facebook iconIf you find yourself in that situation, where there is a particular site or service that you wish to remove your account and information from, then you can try visiting accountkiller.com.

Accountkiller.com is a site that gives specific information on how to remove and/or delete your account from hundreds of popular sites and services. The site offers direct links to remove your account when possible and helpful information for sites that don’t offer an easy out.

You can search by the name of the site, look through popular sites, and also see what sites are ranked by the ease of account termination. Blacksites mean that removing your account is more difficult vs the whitelist where there is usually a direct and easy way to remove yourself.

Check it out today to minimize your exposure of personal information loss.