The Kent ISD STEM Network is Here!

If you’re curious about STEM education, what it means, and what you should know; you may be interested in Kent ISD’s upcoming STEM Network.

Connect. Explore. Achieve. This two-day, interactive experience will give classroom teachers the opportunity to explore how area businesses use your content areas in industry. Draw connections between what you’ve seen and how you can teach your standards. Develop relevant, real world lessons you can use with your students to help them achieve success. Use group dynamics with like-minded teachers to build engaging content tied to the world of work. Come see what other districts are doing in STEM and imagine what the future can hold for your students. A portion of each event will involve a trip to a local business to observe and glean inspiration from current business practices. Sign up at the Kent ISD PD Hub (search for course number 17CR1101).

Two meetings (2 days each) are planned for the 17-18 School Year:
November 1-2; March 21-22
8am-3pm each day

Outcomes will include:

  • Educators will discover resources that can be used in their classroom(s)
  • Educators are part of a support system that encourages use of discovered resources
  • Educators consistently connect their classroom content to the world of work; answering the question, “When am I ever going to use this?”

Teachers Can Get Powtoon for FREE #Powtoon4EverySchool

To celebrate the new HTML5 version of Powtoon, they are giving away $10 Million worth of free Powtoon Classroom accounts. This is an amazing opportunity for any educator that wants to create their own Powtoons and engage students in digital storytelling.

For additional information and to get your free account, simply go to the link below.

Start School Right with FREE Professional Learning!

Start off the school year with free professional learning opportunities from TRIG!

Below is a list of the free online PD available this September. These opportunities are available to educators in all districts and are eligible for 6-9 SCECH credits. Each course is 3 weeks long, with two live webinars (in the evening).

Click on the course titles below to get course details and to register:

Summer PD Opportunity: EdTech Day Camp

Looking for some summer PD hours? Maybe you just want to have fun and learn with other edtechies around the state. Either way, we invite you to join us at MVU’s EdTech Day Camp event on July 25, 2017 at the Radisson Hotel in Lansing, MI. We will spend the day examining how technology can help us reach the students who need us the most.

This engaging day is focused on YOU, teachers in the classroom, and how you can leverage technology to reach the students that need us the most.

his day will focus how we teach and engage all our students. Whether we have one device in the classroom or each student has his own, we are at an unprecedented moment in time to utilize technology to enable truly personalized learning opportunities for all of our students.

This day is designed to move quickly and is geared towards facilitating deep conversations of consequence for our classroom, school, community and state landscapes.

Cost includes breakfast, lunch and an awesome experience with teachers who make a difference — just like YOU!

Want to save $10 on your registration? Use promo code presenterBFF.

Learn more and register for this event by going to

Why YOU should attend SCICON 2017!

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SCICON is back for another exciting year.  

On May 17th, Kent ISD will be hosting the annual SCICON GR. This one day conference will feature Wendy Johnson. Wendy is a Ph.D. Candidate in Science Education, and writing her dissertation on “Fostering Three-Dimensional Science Learning: The Role of Curiosity in Productive Classroom Discourse”, at Michigan State University.  Area teachers will be sharing classroom stories and experts from STEM and education technology will  facilitate sessions.

Reasons to Attend SCI CON this year:

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Top 5 Sessions for Admins at PLCON 2017

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“Personalized learning is intended to facilitate the academic success of each student by first determining the learning needs, interests, and aspirations of individual students, and then providing learning experiences that are customized—to a greater or lesser extent—for each student. To accomplish this goal, schools, teachers, guidance counselors, and other educational specialists may employ a wide variety of educational methods, from intentionally cultivating strong and trusting student-adult relationships to modifying assignments and instructional strategies in the classroom to entirely redesigning the ways in which students are grouped and taught in a school.” (Glossary of Education Reform, 5/14/15)

On May 3rd, Kent ISD will host The Personalized Learning Conference (PLCON). This conference is beneficial to all educators who want to learn more about personalized teaching and learning.

Leaders in education have a unique opportunity to create organizational priorities and values that support personalized learning for every student.  Administrators can maximize time…

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Don’t Miss Kenowa Hills Personalized Learning In Action!

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See personalized learning in action at the Kenowa Hills Public School District

You may have read about personalized learning in previous blog posts (5 Misconceptions of Personalized Learning) or maybe you even attended PLCON 2016, but have you seen what it actually looks like in a classroom, school, and district?
On Tuesday, May 2, Kenowa Hills is welcoming up to 50 educators to visit their elementary, middle, and high schools for guided classroom tours, mini-presentations, and Q & A sessions with teachers, students, and school leaders. This is a FREE opportunity open to all educators

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