Edify Adds New Features

Edify, the learning platform developed by Kent ISD and Kickstand, has recently added some new elements that will help teachers better ascertain student understanding.

One change is the addition of highlighting and matching question types. Highlighting requires students to highlight portions of text passages, very similarly to M-STEP and other “next generation” question types. Matching questions provide options for grouping multiple items within categories, and they include multi-select functions as well. Both of these allow teachers to require an explanation and add to a suite of question types that make it more difficult for students to bluff their way through an assessment. As has always been the case, all questions in Edify can be aligned to standards.

Other recent additions include enhanced organization or user resources, an improved assessment generator page, and improvements with grading workflow. See more about recent updates to get the full details.

Edify is free to use for all Kent County public schools, and you can contact us if you want more information. For those outside Kent County, contact Kickstand at this link. Wherever you are, keep striving to know as much as you can about students’ learning and support them accordingly.

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Looking for EDIFY Course Content Writers

Kickstand is looking for teachers interested in writing engaging content area lessons for a new and innovative individualized learning management system (iLMS) called EDIFY.

In partnership with a Michigan ISD consortium, Kickstand is working to create core subject area courses for grades 4-8 by March 2015.  Kickstand is looking for teachers who would be interested in devoting a small amount of time to write 1-2 units for the courses being built. Take a look at the infographic which details the commitment for content writing and other information.

If you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, please contact Meghan Daniel @ 303-827-5485 or meghandaniel@gmail.com

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