Blend It with free PD from MyBlend/MVU

myblendThe MyBlend team from MVU will be facilitating events on Blended Learning in multiple locations in Michigan. These two-day workshops are designed to help K-5 and 6-12 educators incorporate technology meaningfully to support students.

In an effort to reach all educators, these specific workshops have been designed to meet the needs of K-5 and 6-12 classroom teachers. These are free events and we cover the cost of substitutes; we want to give all teachers an opportunity to attend.

Participants will:
• Explore practical ways to implement blended learning in the classroom
• Maximize the technology they have to engage and support students
• Investigate digital tools that assess and capture student understanding
• Design a blended lesson suited to their classroom needs

Click one of the following links to learn more and register:

Blending, It’s Elementary My Dear Watson!
(K-5 Educators)

Life’s Better When You Blend
(6-12 Educators)

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